ECA Degree Show 2019


Individual work as assemblage

Collaging with a group of large paintings and drawings on various surfaces. Although each work is individual, presenting as assemblage focuses on how objects, unique in design, can co-exist in the same, close space. Recent work looks at the multi-layered combinations of Edinburgh’s skyline. A glance over the Old Town rooftops demonstrates this layering where distinct architectural style and layout from the 15th century to the present is condensed into a small space.

Much of this work can be seen in studio C.09, opposite the Sculpture Court at ECA

ECA Degree Show 2019


Green Belt

Scratched slate in antique sample frame. 25cm x 35cm

The work represents Edinburgh encroaching in on its suburbs and is part of a series of previous and future work examining the rapid change in Edinburgh’s character over the last few decades.

This work can be seen at the RSA Open 2018 Exhibition until July 25th.